by Shires

Shires Field Durable Fly Mask with Ears 6658

A sturdy fly mask with air stream fabric ears for excellent protection against flies and bugs. Fleece padding along the seams creates a snug fit and lifts the veil away from the eyes for excellent comfort and visibility. The field durable mesh and adjustable touch close safety straps makes this mask ideal for the turned out horse. Hand wash cool Colour: Black.

Fly masks protect against bothersome flies, midges, gnats and other flying bugs. They also provide a barrier against a dust and airborne particles. Choose from field durable PVC mesh masks to keep out bugs and withstand field wear, or fine mesh masks which offer additional protection against the smallest of flies and midges. Mask styles offer coverage of the eyes, ears or nose or both. Fleece padding provides a close fit to prevent smaller flies entering and lifts the mask away from the eyes. 



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