by Chicktec

Chicktec Smart 20 Automatic

An eye-catching, egg shaped incubator with a clear perspex top for easy viewing. The Chicktec Smart 20 Automatic incubator is designed to give optimum visibility and performance, combined with ease of use.

The Smart 20's electronic proportional band thermostat allows easy and precise temperature regulation, which can be measured on the easy-read glass thermometer - which is also supplied. The silicon covered heating element, coupled with an efficient, smooth-running fan, ensures even distribution of heat, whilst the constant motion automatic tuner favours correct embryo development.

The Chicktec Smart 20 Automatic can also be used as a short term brooder for a small number of chicks.

Available in green, yellow, blue and purple.  If you require a specific colour please contact us before ordering otherwise a colour will be chosen at random.


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