by Chicktec

Chicktec Cosmo Analogue Incubator

Cosmo represents, in anyway, the new incubation frontier as each detail of this appliance has been conceived to ensure excellent performance together with a unique and exclusive design.

Temperature is controlled and regulated by proportionate-band analogue thermal regulator with 0.1°C accuracy.

The automatic turning of eggs is allowed by a special mechanism which, thanks to slow and continuous automatic movement of the whole housing seat, helps proper development of embryo and inhibits its dangerous adhesions to egg shells. The new polyvalent and professional turning grid has been specifically conceived for incubation of eggs of different dimensions , thanks to extractable and adjustable modules.

Natural surface humidification is performed by modular bins built into the machine lower valve by an easy-to-use external filling system. Temperature is read through °F precision thermometer and humidity through RH% dial hair hygrometer with maximum accuracy.

Heat is mixed up and distributed by a special silent and reliable fan which, thanks to the streamlined profile of machine top valve, ensures high performance in incubation.


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