by Carr Day & Martin

Carr Day & Martin Killitch Sweet Itch Lotion

Killitch is proven to prevent and treat sweet itch in horses and ponies. Killitch contains benzyl benzoate in a soothing base lotion, this repels the culicoides midge that causes sweet itch.
If used in the early spring before symptoms become evident, the condition may not take a hold.

Apply to all affected areas by rubbing in with fingers or a soft cloth as soon as sweet itch is diagnosed, continue use for the remaining part of the sweet itch season.
Initial application of Killitch should be made twice daily, reducing to once a day and then 3 -4 times a week as the irritation lessens. Ensure all affected areas are kept clean and re apply after shampooing.
If your horse is known to suffer from sweet itch, apply Killitch from early spring before symptoms become evident to maximise chances of the condition never taking hold.

Active Ingredients
Benzyl benzoate 25% - a creamy white soothing lotion
Legal Category: AVM-GSL.

Available in 500ml or 1L bottles.


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