by Acavallo

Acavallo Gel Leg Bandages Fleece

Acavallo Gel Leg Bandages Elastic provides support and shock absorption to tendons and joints without the risk of slipping. Can also be chilled before applying to give cold therapy. Ideal for reducing swellings, like wind galls and will not mark legs. These bandages are sold in pairs

Size Guide:
Full length of bandage including gel =134.5" / 3.4metres
Width of bandage=5" /13cm
Width of Gel=4.5" /12cm
Length of bandage only 100" / 254cm
Length of Gel only 34.5" / 88cm

Product Care:
Machine washable at 30 degrees centigrade,or by hand under warm running water using a mild detergent.
Do not use harsh detergents.
Do not expose to direct heat or to very bright sunlight.
Dry in the open air.


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