by Acavallo

Acavallo Gel Hoof Boots

Acavallo Gel Hoof Boots is a new innovation from Acavallo in Italy that anatomically molds to the entire hoof, but especially around the bulb of the heels. Giving close protection to a very vulnerable area. They can also come low enough to cover the back heel of the shoe if required and can be helpful with horses with collapsed heels. Shock absorbent, tough, no turn and waterproof with no Velcro closures.  Can be cut to shape.

Ideal for schooling, lunging, short periods of turn-out and hacking.

Please note these boots are not suitable for cross country, hunting or other work in deep going / mud.  Please note these boots do not have a bottom so will not provide protection to the sole of the foot.

Size Guide:

Cob: (Cob - Small Horse)

Full (TB - Light Warmblood)

Product Care: Hand wash under running water. Leave to dry naturally. Do not tumble dry. Do not expose to direct heat or strong sunlight.


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