How to Bath Your Horse July 11 2018

How to bath your horse: here are our top tips!  First of all the sponge – use a soft sponge as they hold more water.  Make sure that you use a really good horse shampoo such as Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo or one especially for the colour of your horse such as Equimins Blue Shampoo for Greys or Equimins Dark shampoo for Black and Dark horses.   With your shampoo, work on one section at time, from the front of the horse to the back, and from the top to the bottom. 

When you come to hose your horse after shampooing, direct the water from the front to the back, so that you do not squirt him in the face by mistake.  Places that you may forget to wash are under his tail and between his back legs;  also, clean your gelding’s sheath or your mare’s udder when it needs to be done.  If the weather is cold, then you should sponge off his neck, face, saddle and girth area to remove any sweat.   If you need to remove minerals from your horse’s coat, mane or tail, then use Cowboy Magic Rosewater Conditioner. Don’t forget - you should reduce the chill that your horse may feel, so place a cooler on a just bathed horse.