Why You Should Keep Your Horse's Hooves Moist November 25 2015

It is the time of year for muddy fields!  When you think about how to keep your horse’s hooves moist, you must first of all remember to try to keep her out of the mud.  Prolonged exposure to mud can alter the content of moisture in the hoof.  It can also cause thrush and other infections similar to thrush.  Finally, the mud can loosen shoes and also cause your horse to slip, fall, break a leg or injure joints.  Make sure, if possible, that you fill in the holes in the fields so that water does not collect in them and form mud.  A shelter for her to go into will provide her with dry ground when she has been turned out.

However it is important to make sure that you maintain hoof moisture.  Moisture in your horse’s feet helps to maintain flexibility and also prevents cracking.  When the conditions are wet and muddy, the feet dry rapidly.  The natural oils and protective films of the foot start to erode because of contact with external moisture.  You should regularly apply hoof dressing containing lanolin and if the dressing is not a petroleum derivative, it can be massaged into various parts of the feet - such as the frog, the coronet, the sole and the hoof wall.  If you massage the coronet it helps to stimulate the growth of a healthy hoof wall.

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