Should you Clip Your Horse or not? November 23 2015

Should you clip your horse as winter approaches?  As the daylight hours reduce, the horse’s body will grow its winter coat.  However if you plan to continue training your horse during the winter months, this will mean more work for you as it will take longer for your horse to cool, even if you only do a short workout.  If you clip off the coat, then you will have the responsibility of making sure that you blanket your horse accordingly during the cold or wet weather.  If you are only going to do light work during the winter, then it might be worthwhile considering just doing a partial clip, clipping where your horse sweats the most.  A horse which has been fully clipped will be able to be blanketed straight after working as there will not be any sweat which would have to be dried off.  Another factor to consider is that some breed societies do not believe that the horse should be clipped, so do check first.

If you are going to clip your horse, do make sure that you have different sizes of clippers ready, as you will need other sizes for different parts of the body.  If your horse is not used to clippers, or is not comfortable with them, start with the smaller quieter ones first before using the noisier and larger ones. Make sure that you brush hair out of the clippers and lubricate them every five minutes and, in order that your horse and you stay calm, make sure that you are clipping in an area where there are no distractions.  Once your horse has been clipped, he will need to have a variety of rugs to keep him warm and dry, with hoods for those cold days.