How Many Eggs does a Chicken Lay? October 08 2015

When thinking about the number of eggs that you would like to get from your chickens in a week, there are a various variables to take into account.  The first set of variables are concerning you and your family!  How many eggs are you likely to eat?  Will you be selling or giving eggs to relatives and neighbours?  If you have exactly the right number of eggs being produced in Summer, how will you manage in Winter when the chickens lay fewer eggs? 

The second set of variables concern the chickens themselves!  The number of eggs that a chicken lays depend on the time of year, how old the chicken is, what breed of chicken you are keeping, as well as whether there is lighting in your chicken coop, if your chicken is moulting and how your chicken is feeling.  A chicken will feel stressed due to a fox hanging around near to the fencing, or having mites or perhaps not being fed the right food.  Then there is the question of how free range they really are – because a chicken who is really free range might be laying her eggs in a nest under the hedge well away from that comfy nesting box that you provided.

However, given good conditions you would expect 2 eggs per day from 3 chickens who are aged between six months and two years.  The formula for this is to take the number of chickens that you wish to purchase and times it by 0.75 to get the number of eggs that will be produced.  Thus six will give you about 4 to 5 eggs per day.  This is because it takes 26 hours to produce an egg under the best conditions.  If a chicken lays her egg later on in the day, then she will skip a day before she lays again as the chicken’s reproductive system is sensitive to light exposure.  A way to keep the production up is for artificial light to come on in the chicken coop and thus every day will be of the same length and not subject to a reduction in Winter time.