Four Interesting Facts About Horses September 24 2015

We all know that our own horse is great but how much do we know about horses in general?  Here are four interesting facts about that superb species, the horse!  It can gallop at between 25 - 30mph but the world record is 55mph.  They are, as we know, herd animals, and are led by a dominant horse which is usually a mare.  Horses are social animals and form attachments to other species, including humans.  If horses are deprived of companions then they might develop stable vices such as weaving  or wall kicking.
Horses sleep in short intervals throughout the day and night and are able to enter a light sleep while standing up - they have "stay apparatus" in their legs which allow them to sleep lightly without collapsing.   
There are certain jobs that horses do well and no other machine or animal has been found to replace them, these jobs include mounted police and work on cattle ranches. 
Interesting facts that prove just how special your horse is!