Have more Summer Fun with your Horse! June 14 2016

Sometimes it can be boring for both you and the horse to do the same thing every day. The weather is getting better and you can often long for different ideas of what to do. Your horse is probably fed up too of the same old samey! 

Why not look for new rides to go on - take your bike or go for a drive and search for new pathways that you could explore.  How about advertising in the tack room, feed merchants or other stables nearby for friends to hack out with?  It's great fun to ride with others and there is always safety in numbers too.  

Pack a picnic in your panniers and a head halter &  lead rope, then stop half way so that you can munch on your sandwiches and your horse can graze.  Maybe your non riding friends or parents can join you in the prearranged spot.

What about trying a new discipline with your horse?  Dressage or cross country for example.   A challenge for you and your horse to do for the summer months.  Whatever you decide to do, enjoy those precious sunny moments with your horse.

 Bella enjoying the summer sun.